Asbestos Tile

Asbestos Tile

Are you aware of the fact that around your house there is that danger of being contaminated with the filaments of a fibrous mineral that can result to a grave medical condition? Take for example an asbestos tile that is about to break apart, there is a great probability for you to inhale the tiny grits which goes straight to the respiratory system and remains dormant in the lungs. As one steps on a cracked asbestos tile, the inner material could be exposed and some of the fibers could float around the air.

In the construction industry, asbestos tile is considered to be very durable because it can actually strengthen the flooring. When the building material is in a very good condition, there is no imposing threat. However, when you notice that the material is about to release strands of asbestos fibers in the air (the bits and pieces cannot be seen by the naked eye) it is high- time that you call in a group that is expert in asbestos handling.

There are four elements that can weaken an asbestos tile such as aging, heat, water and weathering. When the building material is affected by any of the four mentioned, it will turn out to be friable meaning, the item has one percent of the fibrous mineral that is about to crumble. If ever you are suspecting, do not hesitate to send a sample to a nearby laboratory that it may be right away analyzed under the magnifying lens of a microscope.

When the asbestos tile is in perfect state, leave it all alone. If you are planning to make further remodeling, do not ever attempt because it may only be the very reason for the building material to discharge strands that will jeopardize your life and those around you. When you cut or saw the item, there is a bigger chance for spreading the fibers that can possibly lead to cancer effects later in the years to come.

Simply cover and seal when the asbestos tile really requires patch- up. Sealing is also recognized as encapsulation where the item is treated with a bonding agent that will prevent the tiny grits to spread its force.

If there is a major job to do, do not hesitate to contact a professional who knows better than you do. There are some that employ an abatement company for the intention of disposing the edges before moving to another step of further restoration.

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