Flooring Stores

Flooring Stores


Have a good flooring plan in mind? Now its time to scour the market place in search for those flooring materials (the best, mind you) you need. The internet is the best first place to start with where most flooring stores dealing excellent materials are found. Here are a couple of them.

Brick Flooring Stores

Brick Floor Tile Inc.
Call: 319-351-9733
Brick Floor Tile Inc. offers authentic brick flooring material of ½” or 15/16” in dimension. The brick flooring offered at Brick Floor Tile Inc. are unrivaled for its perfect blend of durability and quality. Brick Floor Tile Inc.

Brick Floor Tile Inc.’s showcase is the Old Chicago Brick Flooring. These are salvaged from the century old buildings of Chicago. And we all know that aged bricks are highly valued for its timeless look.

Port Stone Paver System
Call: 601-922-0902
Port Stone Paver System sells brick flooring has the authentic rustic feel and an aged quality that is most treasured in brick tiles. Chip-off, cracked, and irregular shaped to make them look and feel like real aged brick flooring.

Carpet Flooring Stores

Carpet One
An integrated search engine is really helpful for searching those details you want for carpet flooring. At Carpet One, categories for carpets includes nature inspiring Berber, practical Carpets, timeless classics, and even trendsetter design carpets. Carpet One also offers selections for area rugs. Radical designs, some really chic like the Black and White Area rug on the showroom.

Call toll free: 1-800-441-7429
Shaw offers an array of soft, durable, stylish, and beautiful carpet flooring. And with the R2X fibers technology Shaw has embedded on its carpets, it only makes their products highly marketable. This innovative technology repels stain and soil before it reaches the depths of the carpet.

Natural Cork Flooring Stores

Globus Cork
Call: 718-742-7264
Fax: 718-742-7265
Globus Cork makes an innovative approach on designing cork tile flooring such as rich or transparent pattern schemes, which are new to the cork tile flooring designs with broad color palette ranging from the subtle to the bold. Be sure to check out their gallery.

Expanko, Inc.
Call: 800-345-6202
Fax: 610-593-3027
Expanko is a leader in natural cork flooring materials dealer. Showcasing several cork product designs, including traditional cork tile flooring, XCR3 (cork and rubber hybrid), and Vallarex a glueless cork flooring mat. And you can be sure, too, that the cork flooring products of Expanko are 100% natural.

Call: 954-776-1998
FastFloors.com is a large selection of quality carpet flooring. Dealing in a wide variety of flooring materials including limestone, marble and slate, natural materials like wood and cork tile flooring, and of course carpet flooring and area rugs.

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