Ceramic tile displays

There are different styles of ceramic tile display racks such as push-pull, flip-board, wall-mounted, simple, and island cabinets, which can be displayed in different positions in the exhibition hall. The size and color can be customized. At present, the most popular styles are sliding doors and wall-mounted styles. Adjustable, convenient to display tiles of different specifications, simple and flexible sample loading, intuitive display, beautiful and atmospheric, strong and stable, and the display rack is detachable, which is convenient for transportation.

Stone Displays

Stone display racks are divided into marble display racks, granite display racks, large-slab mobile transport vehicles, stone floor-standing display racks, desktop simple artificial stone quartz stone display racks, mosaic display racks and other different styles of display racks. The size and color can be customized, and the logo can be printed. , Various display racks save space, can display more stone samples, display intuitively, beautifully, sturdy and stable, and the display racks can be disassembled, which is convenient for transportation.

Carpet rugs displays

Carpet display racks are mainly divided into page turning type, hanging type/slide type, pull-out type, carpet roll display rack, small size carpet wall display rack, middle island cabinet display rack, carpet color sample display rack, carpet clip, floor mat display rack, etc. The size and color of the display rack can be customized, and it can also be silk-screened LOGO, flaps and pull-out display racks. There are many carpet samples displayed, which is very space-saving. The hanging type push-pull is easy and the display is intuitive. Various display racks can be customized according to different needs and are strong. Stable, flexible to use, removable, easy to install, and very practical.

Door displays

Wooden door display racks are also divided into flap type, pull-out type, push-pull type, separate display, and can also be displayed together with door covers. The styles are diverse, the display is intuitive, and the sample is easy to change. Wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, iron doors, etc. Display, the frame can be disassembled, size and color can be customized, convenient and flexible, strong and stable

Sanitaryware displays

Bathroom display racks: wash basin display rack, basin display rack, sink display rack, hardware display rack, toilet display rack, bathroom heater display rack, faucet display rack and other supporting display products, size and color can be customized, frame disassembly, convenient transportation, steel pipe welding, Strong and stable.

Supermarket shelves

Supermarket shelves include storage shelves, supermarket shelves, wine racks, bread and food display racks, beverage display racks, medicine display racks, clothing racks, jewelry display racks, kitchen racks, etc. The materials are steel pipe, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, cardboard, etc. Customized, printed, display rack disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation, strong and stable, and intuitive display.

Wooden flooring displays

Wooden floor display rack styles include flap type, push-pull type, pull-out type, pull-out rotating type, wall-mounted sample display rack, hook display rack, single-piece loading wooden rack, etc., wooden floor, board, wood, plastic floor, laminate floor, Both solid wood floors and color samples can be displayed. The size and color of the display rack can be customized. The display rack saves space and can display more samples. It is sturdy, stable, and beautiful.

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