When it comes to effectively displaying tile, the method of display plays a crucial role in catching the eye of potential customers and maximizing the visual impact of the tile. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at several tile display methods commonly used in showrooms and stores.

Simple wall tile racks

Wall tile rack simple atmosphere, display intuitive, usually rows of tiles with edge grooves or hooks fixed to the wall, generally a wall to put the same specification, so that the categories, very neat and uniform. On the sample change convenient and flexible, look at the sample can be taken at will. This kind of display rack is suitable for all kinds of tile store, also suitable for putting different specifications of tiles.

Sliding tile display rack

Sliding tile display rack using tracks and pulleys to move tile panels horizontally, track one by one arrangement, each track can put a lot of panels, the width of the panels can also be adjusted so that a variety of different sizes of tiles can be displayed, more flexible and universal. Sliding display rack to maximize the utilization of space, but also more display of different tile samples, customers watching is also very convenient, is currently a very practical exhibition rack, suitable for a variety of ceramic tile showroom.

Tile chest of drawers display

Tile chest of drawers display is similar to the traditional cabinet or drawer, tiles are neatly placed in the grid. This type of display is neat and organized, which protects the tiles from dust and damage, and allows customers to easily access and inspect each tile. This type of chest of drawers has a strong organizer, can also be used as a center island cabinet.

Front and back pull-out tile rock plate display racks

Before and after the pull-out display shelf is generally suitable for placing in a narrower space, such as a hole in the wall or placed next to the wall, the panel before and after the pull-out, make full use of the narrow space can show more tiles and rock slabs, currently there are hand-pulled and motorized. In addition, the front and back pull panel can also be rotated, 360 ° display tile samples.

Rotating tile display rack

Rotating displays are vibrant and eye-catching. They consist of vertical or horizontal shelves that can be rotated manually or automatically to display tiles in a continuous cycle. This type of display encourages interaction and exploration as customers can rotate the display and easily view the tiles from different angles.

Flip Tile Rack

A page turning tile rack functions like a flip book. Tiles are displayed in rows and can be turned individually like a flip book, allowing customers to scrutinize each tile. This setup facilitates the display of a wider variety of tile designs in a limited space, improving accessibility and organization.

Combination Tile Display

A combination tile display is a versatile setup that usually contains a variety of tile styles and sizes in one display unit. This type of display can be creatively arranged to display complementary or contrasting tile designs together, making it ideal for designers to select tiles. It appeals to clients who are looking for coordinating options or inspiration for mixing different tiles in a project.

7. Combination Tile Display.

Choosing the right type of tile display will depend on factors such as the space in the showroom, the type of tile specification and the desired customer experience. Whether you choose a sleek rotating display that catches the eye or a practical sliding shelf that is easy to navigate, each type of display uniquely enhances the appeal and functionality of tile showrooms and stores.

By understanding these different display options, tile retailers can effectively showcase their products, cater to a variety of customer preferences, and ultimately increase engagement and sales through visually appealing displays.

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