Floor tile displays stand rack showroom oem Metal drawer

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Floor tile displays stand rack showroom oem Metal drawer

Item Name XD036
Material Steel pipe or metal or density board or plastic or custom
Product Size 2100*1750*2600mm
Color Black,white or custom
Surface Treament Power coating,painting,polishing etc.
Logo Print As request
Payments 30% deposit and the balanced should be paid before shipment
Packing Winding sponge,pallet+wooden box or according to customer
Sample Time 10-15 working days
Description Sample Size:Diversity
All of display rack size could be customised as per your stone,tile,
marble granite size Customization to fit your different needs.
Process Technology Metal products:adopt steel pipe welding technology, display rack
material, national standard steel pipe.

Flooring is a significant investment for any homeowner or business, and a well-designed floor tile display can greatly enhance the shopping experience. In this article, we will explore the advantages of utilizing a floor tile display and how it can help customers make confident decisions when choosing their flooring.

Advantages of Floor Tile Display

Realistic Visualization: Floor tile displays provide a realistic visualization of how the tiles will look when installed. By presenting large sections of flooring covered in different tile options, customers can get a better sense of the overall appearance and ambiance each tile creates. This realistic visualization helps them envision how the tiles will complement their existing décor and make informed decisions.

Ease of Comparison: A floor tile display allows customers to compare different tile options effortlessly. By showcasing tiles side by side or in specific zones, customers can evaluate the differences in texture, color, and pattern with ease. This ease of comparison ensures that they can choose the tile that best matches their preferences and requirements.

Inspiration and Design Guidance: A well-designed floor tile display offers inspiration and design guidance. By presenting various design concepts, material combinations, or popular tile choices, you can spark creativity and help customers explore different possibilities for their flooring. This guidance facilitates the decision-making process and empowers customers to create spaces that reflect their style and vision.

Product Information: A floor tile display serves as an excellent platform for providing detailed product information. By incorporating signage, brochures, or digital screens, you can effectively communicate the specific features, benefits, and technical details of each tile. This comprehensive product information instills confidence in customers and helps them select the right tiles for their specific needs.

Accessibility and Convenience: Floor tile displays are designed to be accessible and convenient for customers. With a well-organized display layout, customers can easily navigate through the different tile options without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, strategically placed display units or sample racks provide convenience by allowing customers to touch and feel the tiles, further aiding their decision-making process.

A well-designed floor tile display can significantly enhance the shopping experience for customers by providing realistic visualization, ease of comparison, inspiration and design guidance, comprehensive product information, and accessibility and convenience. By incorporating a floor tile display into your showroom or retail space, you can create an inviting and informative environment that helps customers make confident decisions and find the perfect flooring for their spaces.

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15-20 Days


CE,SGS etc


Customized size


Black,grey,white etc

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USA,Europe,Australia,Canada etc

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T/T,L/C etc



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Xiamen Eagle


Metal flooring drawer display rack cabinet tile display


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