How to display decorative ceramic tiles


If you’re like me, you’ve got a few dozen ceramic tiles left over from a remodel or two. You know they’ll come in handy someday, but what on earth can you do with them? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make use of those leftover ceramic tiles! Here are some easy ways to display your decorative leftovers:

Display as wall art.

If you want to display your decorative ceramic tiles as wall art, there are several options:

  • Frame them. If you want to make a statement but still keep things simple, a frame is a great option. You can choose any size and style of frame that works with your space.
  • Use a shadow box frame. If they’re smaller than the standard size of your typical picture frames, consider using an open shadow box frame instead—a style that gives the illusion that the picture is floating behind glass without being enclosed in it completely. This will let more light through and give each piece of tile its own spotlight on the wall!
  • Hang with hooks or hangers! If Christmas tree ornaments aren’t quite what you’re going for but still want something festive looking hanging on your wall during this season of giving… how about these lovely ceramic tiles?

Display on a mantel.

If you have a mantel, this is one of the best places to display your decorative tiles. The mantel is a shelf that sits above and in front of the fireplace. It provides a great place to showcase decorative objects like pottery, paintings or other unique pieces that you have collected over time. A shadow box frame makes it easy to mount your ceramic tiles on the mantel so they look beautiful when you are done hanging them up. You could also use another type of frame if that works better for your home décor or wall space.

Decorative ceramic tiles can also be hung around an old fireplace rather than letting them sit unused behind closed doors! This adds visual interest and brings focus onto one particular element in any room

Display flat on a surface.

To fully show off all of their decorative potential, it’s best to display your tiles on a flat surface. There are plenty of ways to do this:

  • Use a display board or window frame for smaller tiles. A piece of wood will work just as well as an old picture frame or an old window frame. The important thing is that the surface you use has enough room underneath it so that your tiles don’t tip over and break when they are displayed on top.

Display in a special shadow box frame.

If you have a favorite frame that’s been collecting dust, consider giving it a second life by turning it into a shadow box frame.

  • To make your own shadow box frame, first choose the type of wood you want to use for the backing. Then cut out two pieces of wood to fit inside the opening on either side and glue them together so they form one solid piece of wood.
  • Once your backing is complete, measure where you want to hang your ceramic tile artwork (in this case we’re using four tiles). Mark off those measurements and drill holes in each corner with an appropriate drill bit size for hanging wire or rope through. Repeat this step with all four corners until all holes are drilled and then puttied over with spackling compound or drywall joint compound before painting over it with primer paint to prevent any future corrosion from happening where moisture might seep through later down the road when exposed directly onto metal surfaces such as nails/screws left behind during installation work being done around your home.”

Incorporate them into your kitchen backsplash.

If you want to use ceramic tiles in the kitchen, it’s best to keep them small and pretty. Smaller tiles are easier to handle than large ones. If you’re using a tile cutter, cut the larger pieces down into smaller ones using its guide lines. This is also a good way to make sure that all of your ceramic pieces are uniform in size and color without any dark spots or unevenness along their edges. For an added touch, seal each of your tiles with grout sealer before attaching them to the wall with tile adhesive (which comes in liquid form) and a sponge applicator tool (which typically has two sides: one for applying adhesive and another for smoothing out bubbles).

Above your fireplace.

The wall above your fireplace is a great place to display decorative ceramic tiles. They can act as a focal point and a conversation starter, or you can use it to display photos or artwork that have sentimental meaning to you and your family. You could even use it to display flowers or plants that are blooming in season!

If you have left over ceramic tiles from other projects, there are lots of things to do with them!

  • Use them as a mosaic. You can make very nice murals out of tile pieces, as long as you have enough for the design. For example, if you have a small bathroom wall that needs decorating then simply mix up some grout and start applying it to whatever surface area you want covered with your new tiles. Let the grout dry overnight so that it’s completely set before applying any more layers or tiling directly onto the wet grout (which will make it look cloudy). The same goes for glass-backed tiles: they’re super easy to work with once they’ve been cut down into smaller pieces but don’t try putting one right onto freshly applied grout — unless you like how glass looks when filled with bubbles (or maybe I’m just being picky haha).
  • Use them as a tile art wall hanging/table top/flooring depending on where your interests lie! If there aren’t any other creative ideas in this article yet then let me know what YOU would like to see next week 🙂


Decorative ceramic tiles can be used in a number of creative ways. Some of the ideas mentioned above may not work for you, but there are plenty more where they came from! Check out Pinterest and other websites for new ideas that are right up your alley. Remember, even if you don’t have any extra tiles laying around to use as part of another project, there are lots of ways to incorporate them into your home decorating scheme without spending any money at all.

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