Glass displays

Glass display cases are the perfect choice for modern style homes, as they fit in well with minimalist designs. The glass is unobtrusive and allows light to pass through, making the room feel larger and more open. They’re also a good choice if you have a small living space, since they won’t take up any vertical or horizontal space and can be placed anywhere.

Glass displays are a popular choice for bathrooms, as they can fit neatly into an empty corner and showcase various accessories, such as towels or soaps. In your kitchen, you can use them to store extra dishware that doesn’t fit elsewhere (like your fancy tea set) without taking up countertop space. Or maybe you have some delicate china that isn’t used often enough to warrant its own cabinet—glass display cases are great for storing these pieces while still leaving them within easy reach when needed. You could also put one of these cabinets in your dining room next to the table; just be sure not to keep anything breakable up there! Finally, bedrooms typically don’t get much storage space by default—but with these storage cases around corners or under beds, even this problem can be solved easily!

Mesh display racks

Mesh display racks are a popular choice for showrooms because of their ease of use and durability. Many types of mesh display racks can be painted or stained, making them easy to match with any other color scheme you may have in your showroom. The material is also quite easy to clean – regular dusting will do the trick, so that means fewer hours spent on maintenance each week.

Mesh display racks are very versatile: they can be used as a display rack in a retail space, as a shoe rack in your house or apartment, and even as a kitchen rack. They’re sturdy enough to hold up under heavy weight and can last for years without breaking down or showing signs of deterioration.

Wooden displays

Wooden displays are popular because they are affordable and can be easily customized. Wooden display fixtures can be painted in any color and can be engraved with your store’s logo or other logos. Wooden display fixtures are durable and will last a long time, since they are made of metal or wood, so you can use them to show off your tile products for a long time.

The basic wooden display fixture is a metal or wooden base that holds three different types of tiles: marble, ceramic, and metal tiles. This style is good for showing off large amounts of tile – like if you want to show off all the different colors of marble in your store – because it has three slots for each type of tile. It’s also good for showing off one specific type of tile because it allows customers to see how one type of tile looks on the floor next to another type.

Another popular wooden display fixture is the one with two tiers: marble (top) and ceramic (bottom). The top tier has space for four different types of tiles, while the bottom tier has space for two different types. Customers will be able to see what kind of tile goes best with each other when they walk into your store, which makes them more likely to buy something right away instead of walking around looking at everything first before deciding what they want.

Office or lobby tile display ideas

You can use displays for any of the following:

  • Mirrors. You can use mirrors in your designs to give depth to your display and create a more attractive space. Using a mirror behind your tile display gives them a sense of dimension and makes the tiles look larger than they are, while using multiple mirrors creates an illusion of even greater depth.
  • TVs. Offices, lobbies, and waiting rooms often feature televisions that show news or other information about the business. This is also true for retail spaces—putting a TV inside of a tile showroom can be an effective way to entice customers into entering the shop or store and staying there longer. You can also use TV screens that play looping commercials or videos to advertise products sold within the store.
  • Glass displays and other similar materials like acrylic sheets with backlighting are another option if you have enough space in front of it as well as behind so people don’t feel trapped by having no room to walk around without bumping into anything else (like shelving units). The glass will allow customers an unobstructed view inside while still giving them some privacy when needed—so you won’t have intruding eyes peering over their heads at all times either!

A changeable digital signage system is one way that many companies choose to advertise their products because they offer more flexibility than traditional methods such as brochures on tables or framed posters hung up on walls – this means less hassle for staff members who would otherwise need constantly design new promotional material every time something changes about their business’ offerings!

Industrial tile displays

  • Sturdy metal stands
  • Metal cubes/stands
  • Metal display racks
  • Industrial metal cabinets and boxes

You can make simple and affordable tile displays with these simple options.

Tile showroom display ideas for tile display racks

Installing a tile rack in your showroom is one of the best ways to get started. This will allow you to display your tiles and make them more accessible to customers, without having to be worried about knocking something over. Here are a few ideas you can use when creating displays.

  • You can make simple and affordable tile displays with these simple options:
  • Buy a wooden frame that can be used as an end table or coffee table at your local hardware store or department store. A folding rack will allow you to display the tiles in all their glory, while still allowing customers access to the other items on your shelves. The cost of such a rack ranges between $30-50 depending on size. You can even buy multiple racks if you need space for more than one item- but if your showroom is small, consider purchasing a smaller unit instead!

Use woodworking glue and dowels from your local craft store to create custom holders for each type of tile that’s being offered; this way customers won’t have trouble trying out different styles before making up their minds (or simply seeing what’s available).

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